[VIDEO] Social Media Is Changing the Face of CRMs

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“A CRM system with no data is no good!”

I had the chance to interview Ed Kohler, Director of Strategic Internet Marketing and Development, of, which was featured as one of the companies we met at Inman News’ first-ever Demo Day.

I had heard of but wasn’t completely familiar with their system until I saw Kohler demonstrate some of the features. What really caught my eye was the ability to pull valuable social media information into this customer relationship management platform.

Think about the information you could find on Facebook about the people in your database:

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  1. Do the spouses have the same first and last names?
  2. Birthday.
  3. Company website.
  4. Anniversary date.
  5. Major life events.
  6. And so much more.

What if you could pull in that data to your CRM to “fill in the gaps”? This would allow for a much richer experience when it comes to staying in touch and marketing to past and current clients.

Social media is changing the face of CRMs.

Watch the entire video interview that explains more about the Where to Live product:

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For additional info, connect with Kohler or on Facebook and Twitter. Or check out this article from Inman News.

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