What Does "Deed" Mean In Real Estate?

When you are transferring the ownership of a home, whether through a home purchase or an inheritance, you will need a legal document known as a deed. This is the legal document that transfers the property ownership from one person to another. The deed to a home is also known as a title and is the written proof of who owns the home. The homebuyer signs the document on the day of closing. Once it has been signed and the deal is completed, the new homebuyer will receive a copy and the original copy will be filed with the appropriate county offices. There may be other reasons why a new deed (title) may be needed. Changes that could require a new deed could include death, inheritance, marriage or even adding a child’s name to the deed. There are several steps you will need to follow to obtain a new deed. The first of these steps will be to gather the necessary documents. If you are changing your name, you will need the legal documents associated with the name change. To change the name due to marriage, you will need your marriage license. If the name change is due to a divorce, you will need the divorce decree. If it is due to a death, you will need the death certificate and any paperwork that gives you ownership of the home. If you are adding a child’s name to the deed, you will need the birth certificate for that child. The second step is to speak with the title company and tell them what you are trying to accomplish. The title company will more than likely tell you that you will need to complete an application and will need your picture identification as well as the documents that are listed in step one. The third step is to pay the title company. The title company will require you to pay a fee to change a name, add a name or remove a name on the deed to a home. The fee that is charged will cover the time that it takes to complete a new deed and have it filed with the appropriate county offices. The last step to a new deed is to obtain it. Once the title company has recorded the new deed, you will receive a new deed with the current names listed on it. File the deed in a safe place. Many people use a home safe or a safety deposit box. It is important that you keep this deed safe because it proves that you are the owner of the home. If you have any questions or concerns about the deed to your home, you should contact the title company or your county clerk’s office. Related real estate articles on Deed:
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