More tech vendors approved to support appraisal-free mortgages
Stewart Valuation Intelligence (SVI) is the latest technology vendor to be approved by Fannie Mae to support new value acceptance + property data valuation process
by Matt Carter Apr 21
Better's 'One Day Mortgage' product lifts off
New products and agent partnerships could help Better make the transition from a company known primarily for refinancing existing loans to one that's geared to serving homebuyers
by Matt Carter Apr 12
Software vendors gear up to support appraisal-free mortgages
Fannie Mae says starting April 15, more homebuyers will qualify for a program requiring full interior and exterior inspections that capture data and images throughout the property
by Matt Carter Mar 21
Guaranteed Rate rolls out 'Same Day Mortgage' nationwide
Properties must be eligible for an appraisal waiver, and like Better's 'One Day Mortgage,' some fine print can stand in the way of getting a loan approved in 24 hours
by Matt Carter Mar 7