Duke Realty Fund for Education and Advancement of Minorities and Women in Real Estate offers students annual scholarships
by Kimberly Manning Jul 28
Company launches website that focuses on economic and cultural trends
by Amy Tankersley Mar 4
A new study posits that higher prices are better for minorities because lending standards tend to loosen
by Steve Cook Dec 14
Zillow and HMDA reports highlight ongoing disparities in mortgage loan application acceptance rates among different racial groups
by Amy Tankersley Nov 6
Perceptions of the past merging with the modern real estate environment keep imbalances in lending extant
by Mary Bradford Jul 23
Statewide coalition comes forward with concerns about bank’s alleged high number of foreclosures in predominantly nonwhite communities
by Amy Tankersley Jun 12
Survey suggests buyers who are better informed about the homebuying process get the best deals, but results are still mixed depending on age, race and other factors
by Amy Tankersley Apr 13