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The idea is that most people begin their homeownership journey with a starter home and make their way up to more expensive housing. But is that theory still valid — especially now during a pandemic?
Today 2:00 A.M.
From where we stand now, the future of the real estate market looks challenging. If you're grappling with the rapid change, here are a few things you can do to prepare for future market shifts
Mar 20
Helping millennial homebuyers find the right loans for them
Feb 25
Angelic behavior for a few months won’t erase past poor decisions
Feb 21

Knowing more about how FHA works — and how to work with FHA — helps agents identify opportunities for their first-time buyer clients, who make up one in three buyers today. FHA is not for everyone, but for millions of young families, it is the piece that is solving the homeownership puzzle.

Feb 16
New research suggests that they're not
Feb 6
Institutional investors are turning to construction and iBuyers to provide single-family home rentals
Jan 9
A new Apartment List study provides the first hard evidence that large numbers of millennials who would like to become homeowners are so frustrated that they have changed their minds, at least for now
Dec 5