Steve's Stories
Why you should fear the attack on the mortgage interest deduction
Should the proposed framework become law, the MID’s days will be numbered
Oct 3
4 things your buyer clients should do post-Equifax hack
Don’t let the cyber attack get in the way of your buyers getting their dream home
Sep 21
Appraisal-free mortgages will make closings easier
As technology continues to improve, look for lenders to waive more requirements
Sep 15
6 tips to help credit-challenged clients improve scores
Angelic behavior for a few months won’t erase past poor decisions
Aug 21
What you should know about zero-down loans
Buyers need to know the pros and cons before making a decision
Aug 1
What you need to know about trended credit
Help clients implement a credit management plan that emphasizes timely payments, steady reduction of debt and paying off revolving credit accounts
Jul 26
Supercharged prices force out first-time buyers in May
Frustrated buyers may have better luck seeking out ugly ducklings
Jul 6
Why are some markets missing the inventory misery?
What the fortunate metros tell us about how to cure the drought that has left the housing recovery dry and barren
Jun 1