Latest Ocrolus offering is designed specifically for mortgage lenders
The leader in artificial intelligence-driven financial document automation has combined 3 of its solutions into a mortgage dashboard for classifying, capturing and analyzing borrower documents
by Matt Carter Sep 27
Supreme Court nixes $430B in student loan forgiveness
Down payment assistance, income-driven repayment still offer path to homeownership for those repaying $1.6T in student loan debt as Biden administration pledges the 'fight is not over'
by Matt Carter Jun 30
Quality control standards for AVMs may cover discrimination
Proposed standards would include random sample testing and reviews to protect against data manipulation and ensure a 'high level of confidence' in the estimates produced by AVMs
by Matt Carter Jun 2
Rocket courts correspondent lenders with tech tools
New branded client portal lets homebuyers apply for loans, review documents and e-sign disclosures and closing documents
by Matt Carter Oct 19
Credit report errors are harming mortgage borrowers: Fed watchdog
Credit bureaus have 'little incentive to treat consumers fairly when their credit reports have errors,' according to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which analyzed 700K complaints
by Matt Carter Jan 6
Maxwell aims to help small lenders simplify mortgage document review
Maxwell Processor Edge uses machine learning to help loan processors tackle more work while also cutting loan approval times
by Matt Carter Dec 9
New Fannie Mae rule may help renters qualify for a mortgage
Consistent rent payments can boost prospects of borrowers with thin credit files
by Matt Carter Aug 11
New restrictions on Fannie, Freddie refis blamed for tighter mortgage credit
After 6 months of easing, credit availability tightened by 8.5% in June
by Matt Carter Jul 16
What's up with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: interview with Bethany McLean
Industry expert talks about GSEs and the Great Recession
by Inman Sep 17
Shoutout to the FTC, and the listings chess game
As mortgage standards ease, remember we sometimes fool ourselves
by Brad Inman Feb 3
Mortgage lenders can make me cry
The real reason home sales have softened
Blame stagnant wages, not dead cat bounce in home prices
by Lou Barnes Oct 3
Housing 'remains the weakest link' in the economic recovery
Fannie Mae economists say housing won't return to normal until late 2016
by Inman May 21
11 reasons the real estate market could crash again
Don't panic, but keep an eye on consumer confidence, job creation, Fed tapering, overregulation
by Fred Glick May 21
Government's moves to ease mortgage credit are mostly for show
FHA's 'Blueprint for Access' is not even funded, and it's business as usual at Fannie and Freddie
by Ken Harney May 20