A data scientist and ethnographer joined forces to build a software product called Spatial, which adds a first-of-its-kind human-driven social layer to your average rendering of cities, streets, highways lakes and rivers. Pulling from 31 public social media tools, Spatial’s patent-pending Illuminate technology lets users immediately visualize a city’s lifestyle landscape.

by Craig C. Rowe | Aug 31

Alyssa Hellman of Go School and Better Homes & Gardens Realty discusses implementing BoomTown and Contactually: “We don’t believe you need to be an expert at everything and we definitely don’t believe that one product will have it all. If as agents, we’re never done learning and growing, why should a product be any different?”

by Craig C. Rowe | Apr 18

It’s probably time we admit it: Via laptop or smart watch, hotel Wi-Fi or smartphone, we are perpetually connected and forever Web-enabled. That said, with so many critical communications and vital transaction information being received and replicated, how well are we controlling the veracity of our information?

by Craig C. Rowe | Mar 4