5 reasons it's time to master the power of AI
If you've been holding off on putting AI to work for your real estate business, the time has come to get off the sidelines
by Victoria Kennedy Sep 1
How the shift from bricks to clicks is reshaping real estate
Embracing the digital shift is not only essential for survival but also offers immense opportunities for growth and success in the real estate market of the future
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How some commercial brokerages are beating the current market
Despite struggles in the commercial space dating from the beginning of COVID, some commercial brokerages have found a way to thrive
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How to market effectively in a digital space
Knowing which platforms to advertise on, which strategies are most effective and how to deliver on promises to clients will help with marketing effectively in any digital space
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Why self-storage and real estate leap-frog traditional investments
Self-storage and real estate investments provide returns and benefits that traditional investments may not offer, making them an attractive option for investors looking to diversify
by Victoria Kennedy Jun 20
Sell your city when you serve and support your community
Serve as an ambassador for your community and provide information and expertise to both newcomers and current residents
by Victoria Kennedy Mar 23
Selling new construction: 5 tips for working with property developers and buyers
For first-time homebuyers and empty nesters, construction projects such as subdivisions, townhouse complexes and condominiums are often the perfect mix of convenience and ease
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Prepare for any housing market: 4 tips to succeed no matter what the circumstances
Seasoned property professionals know that this up-and-down flow is normal and expected, and they also know how to prepare
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Are you truly a market pro? 3 ways to stand out in a sea of agent 'experts'
If everyone in the market is an expert, how do you stand out in a crowd? The secret lies in building your public profile and going above and beyond for your community
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Be the solution, not the problem: 3 things agents should do daily
As tempting as it can be to sit back on your laurels, shrug your shoulders, and say, 'Oh, what can you do?' to the common challenges most real estate professionals face, now is the time to bring solutions to the table, not problems
by Victoria Kennedy Jan 19
lightbulbs on blue background
From an agent-to-agent networking app to a digital assistant, these apps are must-haves for the busy agent looking to boost productivity and profits
by Victoria Kennedy Dec 23
How to make home sales less painful for your clients
Referrals come from clients who've had a good experience with you. And what's the secret sauce to a seamless homebuying or selling process? Having detailed, organized systems in place that guide your customers through it all, step by step
by Victoria Kennedy Nov 18
Now's the time to invest in small-town commercial real estate. Here's why
Although any property investment presents a mix of risks, drawbacks and rewards, there are many small towns that offer great real estate investment opportunities far and above what the big city can present
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Need a break? 3 systems that'll automate your business growth
Focus on doing what you do well, and find people and systems that will support you and augment your skills
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Forget moratorium worries: Here's why now is the best time to invest in real estate
Now more than ever, properties are selling well over list price, and buyers are chomping at the bit to purchase. Here's why you shouldn't wait to get in on the action
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