Victoria's Stories

For first-time homebuyers and empty nesters, construction projects such as subdivisions, townhouse complexes and condominiums are often the perfect mix of convenience and ease
Nov 4
Seasoned property professionals know that this up-and-down flow is normal and expected, and they also know how to prepare
Sep 28
If everyone in the market is an expert, how do you stand out in a crowd? The secret lies in building your public profile and going above and beyond for your community
Jul 19
By diversifying your portfolio, you’ll minimize your risks and maximize your potential for steady, long-term growth. That leaves you with investments that will withstand the test of time to ensure lasting, generational wealth
May 31
With 3.6 billion people globally on social media, there is no better place to get eyes on your listings. Here's how to leverage those platforms and your audiences and convert them into closings
Mar 22
Airbnb property investing is quickly becoming the go-to arena for those wanting to dip their toes into a profitable market. Here's how to get in on working with these buyers
Feb 15
As tempting as it can be to sit back on your laurels, shrug your shoulders, and say, 'Oh, what can you do?' to the common challenges most real estate professionals face, now is the time to bring solutions to the table, not problems
Jan 19
From an agent-to-agent networking app to a digital assistant, these apps are must-haves for the busy agent looking to boost productivity and profits
Dec 23