A home with mold can be sold

Repeat this statement 10 times, and you may have an easier time convincing yourself that it’s true: “A home with mold can be sold.”

It requires more than positive thinking, but a home with mold can be sold, says Eau Claire, Wis., real estate agent Michael Paul of Discount Realty Works.

Mold is a “material adverse fact” and must be disclosed to buyers, so the best remedy is to not only remove the mold, but fix the issue that caused it, Paul says.

But if a homeowner doesn’t have the means or the desire to fix a mold problem, they can still market their property with the proper disclosures.

“You can sell a home with mold, but you are limiting your pool of buyers,” Paul says. “Lenders tend to get scared by mold.” Source: prnewswire.com