Artist captures housing bust through unsettling aerial photos

Razed hills in Nevada are carved with empty roads and and cul-de-sacs. But there are no houses, no sidewalks, no pools, no people.

These hills are the subject of photographer Michael Light, who captures this landscape and others in the West from a two-seater plane he pilots himself. His work focuses on how economic changes impact our terrain and the American sense of entitlement toward homeownership, Wired reported.

“What humans do stays evident for a long time,” Light told the news outlet.

These developments promised a dream of “classless classes, endless exuberance, Medici living for the everyday guy and a castle on the cheap protected from the politics gathering just outside the gates,” he added.

An exhibition of Michael Light’s photographs of the West will run from Oct. 30 through Dec. 21 at New York’s Danziger Gallery.

Source: Wired