Brokerage fires assistant accused in 'sextortion' of client

A former executive assistant at a Detroit-area real estate brokerage is accused of phone racketeering for allegedly trying to extort $100,000 from a client of the firm, after inviting him out for a drink and encouraging him to speak to her “in a sexual manner,” prosecutors said.

Prosecutors say Mirella Dzioba invited the man to leave similar voicemail messages for her, and then asked him for money. After being paid $1,400, she allegedly demanded $250,000, an amount she later reduced to $100,000, prosecutors said.

According to a cached copy of The Williams Team-Real Living Kee Realty website as it appeared on Aug. 30, Dzioba “is extremely motivated and goal-minded,” and “her desire to help customers with their personal real estate needs will be immediately apparent. She has dealt with stressful situations numerous times in her past and will be able to assist clients when difficult situations arise.”

Dzioba — a 33-year-old mother of three — was fired by the brokerage and her profile has been removed from the website. Source: