Competition Tribunal to reconsider case against Toronto Real Estate Board

A case against the Toronto Real Estate Board by a federal watchdog is heading back to an administrative court for reconsideration.

Canada’s Competition Bureau filed a lawsuit against TREB in 2011, alleging that restrictions imposed by the trade group on the display of sold and pending listings by “virtual office websites” are restricting competition that might save consumers hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions. Canada’s Competition Tribunal dismissed the case in April 2013, but the bureau appealed the ruling.

Now, a federal appeals court has said the tribunal’s interpretation of the case was too narrow and ordered the case sent back to the tribunal “for reconsideration on the merits,” The Globe and Mail’s Richard Blackwell reports.

While limited to TREB — Canada’s largest real estate board — the case’s eventual resolution could have implications across the country, Blackwell reports.

Source: The Globe and Mail