Denver broker hires homeless man to advertise his business

Before Joe Manzanares hired him, the sign Chris Rezac held on the side of the road read “Cold. Homeless. Hungry. Spare anything.” Now, the sign advertises Manzanares’ Denver-based brokerage, Re/Max Uptown, and reads “No need for your cash! I’m sponsored by Joe Manzanares!”

While the broker started by paying Rezac $25, Manzanares also provided him with new clothes, meals, a trip to the barber, and is trying to find him a home and a job. Manzanares has taken on another sponsorship and is working with the mayor’s office and the Denver Homeless Coalition to see if there is a way to expand the sponsorship idea and give others like Rezac a second chance.

“I hope every Realtor does this,” Manzanares told Denver’s Fox31. “I hope every small business takes advantage and maybe take someone’s face and bring a name to it.”

Source: Fox31