Do consumers really want an ‘innovative’ Realtor?

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Realtors may be be overestimating the appeal of labeling themselves “innovative,” according to Geoff Nesnow, chief marketing officer for software and consulting firm Mavenomics.

He believes consumers would prefer a sophisticated Realtor to an innovative one.

“Someone who is sophisticated knows what usually works and what usually doesn’t. She is experienced, perceptive and mature in her approach. She watches what other people do and learns what does and doesn’t work (she borrows successful ideas),” he wrote.

“Someone who is innovative is doing something that isn’t proven to work today. She tries new things and makes many more mistakes.”

He acknowledges that, in the long run, it is great that there are some Realtors who are early adopters and willing to take risks in order to get better service for everyone in the future.

“But, for me personally, I’d rather have a sophisticated Realtor sell my house. Let the innovative Realtors experiment with someone else’s house,” he wrote.

As we all know, the real estate industry is hyper-competitive. And because there are few better catalysts for innovation than competition, real estate is constantly blazing new ground. Real estate expansion teams -- teams that do business in multiple markets -- are one of the industry’s latest, and hottest, innovations ...