Dramatic changes in iOS 7 an opportunity to breathe new life into old apps

Regardless of your feelings about the “dramatic rethinking” of Apple’s mobile operating system and the shift from skeuomorphism to text-based design, it’s clear that iOS 7 “has effectively forced app developers to redesign their software with the new design in mind,” writes PandoDaily’s Nathaniel Mott.

Apps that were starting to look “a bit dated have been updated with new, modern interfaces,” Mott writes, citing data-visualization startup Roambi’s iOS 7 update as an example.

Roambi’s iOS 7 app “is more responsive than before, and Roambi has introduced a new function that allows users to create a mishmash of texts and graphs that people have been clamoring about for years,” Mott says.

But at heart, the update “isn’t about making Roambi’s app do something else. It’s about designing the app so that it can do everything it’s been doing for the last five years better.” Source: pandodaily.com