5 elephants that the real estate industry doesn't want to acknowledge are in the room

Speaking at a California Association of Realtors event, consultant Rob Hahn laid out what he calls “five unspeakables” that real estate industry leaders don’t like to hash out in public:

  • Too much incompetence.
  • Agent teams are the future of the industry.
  • Technology only makes things more efficient.
  • The MLS is broken.
  • It ain’t data, it’s advertising.

The MLS is broken, Hahn says, because sites like Trulia, Zillow, realtor.com and Redfin provide consumers with mobile apps that are “light-years beyond” what MLSs provide their broker and agent members.

“More than a few agents I know use the realtor.com mobile app when out with a client in the field to do property search, because their MLS doesn’t have one, or the one it has blows leprosy-ridden rhesus monkeys,” Hahn says in a comment that captures the flavor of the rest of the post. Read the rest here: notorious-rob.com.