Housing authority acts to let landlords evict more delinquent Section 8 tenants

D.C. Housing Authority rules have made it extremely challenging for landlords to evict tenants with Section 8 vouchers, according to the Washington City Paper’s Housing Complex blog.

In one case, a landlord reportedly wasn’t able to evict a voucher tenant who allegedly shot a child that lived next door.

And in another, a tenant who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor after allegedly inviting people to a party, locking them in a closet and robbing them, still managed to hang onto his voucher and remain in his unit, Housing Complex reported.

So in an effort to crack down on voucher holders who some would say qualify as “neighbors from hell,” the housing department has made it legal for landlords to kick tenants out for misdemeanors and other infractions that previously didn’t make them eligible for eviction.

But some say that the new rules are too extreme and may unfairly punish some of the most vulnerable families.

Source: Washington City Paper