Most people open to buying a haunted home, but it better be discounted

Most people are open to the idea of buying a haunted home, but they expect a discount for their trouble, and certain spooky signs — say, objects floating in thin air — would yank that idea right off the table.

That’s according to a survey of nearly 1,400 consumers by The survey revealed that only 38 percent of people would not consider buying a haunted home; the rest said they might or would consider a buy. Perhaps that’s partially because more than a third, 35 percent, said they already had lived in a haunted home before, or at least one they suspected to be haunted.

Of those that would consider such a home, only 12 percent said they would pay full price. The rest expected discounts, sometimes steep ones — fully 41 percent said they expected a price cut of 31 percent or more. A quarter of respondents reported researching a property’s history for “eerie” past incidents.

Even for those amenable to the idea of purchasing haunted real estate have their limits, however. Three in 4 would be scared off by levitating objects, and nearly two-thirds would be deterred by objects being moved from where they were placed; ghost sightings; supernatural sensations; flickering lights or appliances; or a home with strange noises, such as footsteps or slamming doors.