New CoreLogic service to predict which homeowners are likely to sell

Real estate information and technology firm CoreLogic is in the “advanced stage” of bringing to market a new service that will predict when homeowners are likely to list their home for sale using information gleaned from their social media pages, The Adviser’s Stacey Moseley reports.

“We can tell [agents], ‘Hey, this person has a home they’ve not sold [for] 40 years and something has changed in their life that suggests they might want to move to a bigger home, and from what they’re doing online they’re asking for recommendations for agents,’” Olumide Soroye, the managing director of CoreLogic Information Solutions Research, told the news outlet.

“We can pull all that together into something that will tell the agent in the local community, ‘This consumer might be someone you should be reaching out to.’”

He said he could not give a firm release date for the service.

Source: The Adviser