NAR blog will explore how 'always on' Realtors can reconnect with real life

What impact does technology have on Realtors’ day-to-day lives? What does it mean for a Realtor to be “always on”? The National Association of Realtors’ Center for Realtor Technology will be exploring those very questions in a new blog series, “Re-ConnectEd,” or “Responsible Connectivity Education.”

Inspired in part by conversations and speakers at Real Estate Connect New York City last week, the intent of the series is to help members make better choices about how they use technology every day and lessen anxiety and disruption created by smart devices, writes the Center for Realtor Technology’s Chad Curry.

“When meeting with a client, how many smartphone Pavlovian moments have you had? A beep or a buzz pulls us to the screen and away from the person a few feet away,” he said.

“While our phones are keeping us connected to our online networks, they’re often keeping us disconnected from real-life encounters — with clients, associates, friends and family.”