The psychic scars may take longer to heal, but the real estate market in Newtown, Conn., has proven to be remarkably resilient in the wake of the school shootings that traumatized the community on Dec. 14.┬áKathy Suhoza, president of the Newtown Board of Realtors, says there was talk of offers being withdrawn following “12/14” and that people were supposedly looking to move out of Newtown. Instead, The Newtown Bee reports, “Newtown Realtors have seen the resilience and courage portrayed by the town result in a positive response. They are, she said, cautiously optimistic, based on improving numbers in offer acceptances and closings that have taken place in the first quarter. Those sales include properties all across Newtown,” including those served by Sandy Hook Elementary School, and “encompass sales in all price levels.” Source:

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