Regulators turn their attention to America's largest irrigated crop: lawns

“Lawn is the largest irrigated crop in America,” says horticulturist Thomas Christopher of the nearly 50,000 square miles of grass that beautify U.S. homes and commercial properties.

But with water becoming increasingly scarce — not to mention expensive — many states and municipalities are adopting rules and regulations to conserve and protect it.

Christopher, the founder of Smart Lawns LLC, is advising home and business owners on compliance with the Maryland Lawn Fertilizer Act, which beginning this month imposes strict rules on the use of fertilizers. Maryland is the 11th state to adopt such legislation, The Star Democrat (Easton, Md.) reports.

Christopher said one approach homeowners could take is to create “smarter” lawns using native grasses, plants and flowers that would also attract pollinators such as bees. Source: