Sea gull calls off aerial assault of Oregon real estate brokerage

A sea gull that took up residence on the roof of a commercial real estate brokerage in South Salem, Ore., and pestered people coming and going from the business for more than a week has flown away on its own.

Plans to trap and euthanize the bird — which created a nuisance by pecking at the brokerage’s front door, landing on cars, and pooping all over the place — have been called off.

The brokerage, First Commercial Real Estate Services, came under fire from bird and animal lovers who blamed the business for a plan put forward by the U.S.  Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to trap and humanely kill the bird.

“It was never our intention to have the gull killed,” First Commercial broker Christie Sullivan told the Statesman Journal. “Our assumption was that it would be relocated.” Source: