Secretive Bitcoin creator reportedly exposed

“Satoshi Nakamoto,” the creator of Bitcoin, is Satoshi Nakamoto, Newsweek reports.

The news outlet claims to have revealed the father of Bitcoin, the digital currency that, depending on whom you talk to, is either the future of money or one big Ponzi scheme.

Until now, the identity of Bitcoin’s creator was a source of wide speculation. Some believed that “Satoshi Nakamoto,” a name long linked to the cryptocurrency’s creator, represented a group of secretive programmers.

But in something of a letdown for Bitcoin watchers, research by Newsweek purportedly has exposed “Satoshi Nakamoto” to be a naturalized American citizen living in California who is actually named Satoshi Nakamoto.

When a Newsweek reporter knocked on Nakamoto’s door, the reported mastermind of Bitcoin called the police. During a brief exchange that ensued, he acknowledged that he had helped develop Bitcoin, but other than that, revealed next to nothing about his affiliation with it.

At least three real estate companies have embraced Bitcoin: brokerage Bond New York, rental listing site RentHop, and property management software provider Rentalutions.

Source: Newsweek