Remember back before the dot-com crash, when tacking a lowercase “e” onto the beginning of your company’s name was thought to magically bestow the cache of an innovator (or wannabe)? The modern-day equivalent seems to be mixing capital and lowercase letters throughout and refraining from hitting the space bar, The Real Deal’s Stuart Elliott complains in a lighthearted rant.

In addition to architectural firms like SHoP Architects, FXFOWLE and FLAnk, Elliott gripes that development firm WEmi:t (Where East Meets West) seems to have named itself with the express intention of causing “any self-respecting editor to commit hara-kiri.”

Real estate brokerages that Elliott thinks are having a little too much fun with cases include CORE, EAR NYC, Brick&Mortar and I&I. Elliot also advises that new brokerages opening up in the Big Apple refrain from incorporating the words “Manhattan,” “Citi” or “Urban” from their names “because it (will make) them instantly indistinguishable from 10 other firms.” Source:

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