WSJ bases cover story on Zillow data

Zillow may have pulled the trigger too early when it posted a video last week of its 2013 PR wins.

The Wall Street Journal, perhaps the country’s most popular business publication, just published an above-the-fold cover story based almost entirely on Zillow home price data. Zillow’s name appeared seven times in the story, and the company’s chief economist, Stan Humphries, was the first analyst quoted in the article.

The piece, authored by Nick Timiraos, reported that Zillow data shows home prices have surpassed their housing-boom peaks in 10 of the nation’s 50 largest markets, but that the recovery remains uneven.

Zillow has hogged much of the media spotlight in the real estate tech space over the last year. The listing portal boasts a long list of PR achievements, not the least of which was its moderating of a discussion with President Obama about the housing market. Zillow’s CEO, Spencer Rascoff, has also been named an “Entrepreneur of the Year,” and was nominated for “Best Tech CEO of 2013. In addition — well, we’ll let Zillow take over from here:

Source: The Wall Street Journal