Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff fingers key tech themes for 2014

An IPO is a “means to an end” and “a step along the way” — not an end in and of itself, Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff tells CNBC.

While all of the company’s employees have stock options, Rascoff says that at Zillow “we make sure employees don’t focus on the stock price. It’s not that important in the near term. What matters is building the company for the long term.”

Rascoff says key tech themes for 2014 will include “remote controls for your life” being pioneered by companies like GrubHub, Uber and Shake Inc., and information marketplaces in opaque industries (Glassdoor and GoHealth, for example). Another area ripe for innovation: the “quantified self,” with companies like Jawbone helping users gather data they can use to analyze performance and wellness. Source: cnbc.com