Zillow launches collaborative home search tool

Aimed at buy-side agents, Agentfolio now available in Chicago and coming to Boston, NYC, other markets

Zillow Inc. has launched a mobile-enabled collaborative home search and shopping tool, Agentfolio, that's aimed at buy-side agents and their clients, allowing them to search, comment on, review and share homes they are interested in.The tool -- which is free for agents who advertise with Zillow in one of its "Premier Agent" packages, and $25 per month for agents who do not -- is available today in Chicago and coming soon to Boston, New York City and other markets, Zillow said.Video from Zillow promoting Agentfolio.The tool allows an agent to create a folio with clients and team members by entering their email addresses into the system. An agent can create custom searches for each folio and get instant alerts from Zillow when a new property enters the system that might be of interest to their clients. The tool also allows agents to see clients' activity, giving them insight into how buy-ready they might be.“The home search has gotten too complicated for the inbox, ...