Google Glass helps Ideal Properties Group monitor underperforming agents

Agents use smart glasses to share video of client interactions in real time

Some agents who implement timed-tested sales techniques can “turn an objection into a commission,” according to Aleksandra Scepanovic, managing director of Ideal Properties Group. Others miss out on deals because they haven't mastered such tactics. Scepanovic thinks her brokerage has found a way to make sure that doesn't happen. Ideal Properties Group, a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based brokerage with about 110 agents, is exploiting the functionality of Google Glass, Google's smart glasses, to boost agents' productivity, even going so far as to guide green or underperforming agents in real time as they work with a client -- much like a commander steering an operative towards a target. "In-person training normally consists of shadowing an agent," Scepanovic said. "We were trying to find the digital version of the first-person, direct and immediate training."   Google Glass, currently in open beta, allows people to use hand motions or dictation to snap photos, browse th...