How to win friends and influence people when you move to a new market

Ideas and actions to take for agents moving to new markets.
  • Find the right brokerage fit, one that will support you as you establish your business.
  • Invest in lead generation tools at first for expired listings.
  • Pick a niche to help target your marketing in the early days.

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Seven months ago, Jessica Ryan and her family moved to the Orange Beach/Gulf Shores area of Alabama from Cleveland, Ohio. In doing so, the agent left her established client base behind. She probably catches eyes as she picks up her 10-year-old triplets at school, but Ryan has noticed a couple of other agents picking up their kids, too, and wondered whether the small school can handle another agent trying to get business from within the community. "When I go and pick up the kids, I see two other Realtors and think, 'Jeez, there are three of us here -- how will I get any market share?'" Steps 1-2: Finding the right fit and getting settled in the community She lucked out, however, finding a company she wanted to work with, led by an independent husband-and-wife team, Jason Will Real Estate. "There was just something very particular and unique about the brokerage that I'm working for. They are really phenomenal at building a presence here -- they do awesome Internet marketi...