• Saving receipts and calculating deductions is tedious, but the minutes you spend here and there staying organized throughout the year will yield worthy returns.
  • Because real estate agents are almost always independent contractors, they are eligible for savings on self-employment taxes as well as the federal and state tax savings.
  • Consider your eligibility for deductions in various expense categories including branding and advertising, office items, business equipment, continuing education and more.

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You might have experienced a moment about a month ago when the magic of the holidays had completely disappeared but snow stubbornly remained on the ground in ugly patches -- then someone mentioned the word "taxes."In a jaw-dropping, head-spinning realization, you tried to compute how it could have possibly been a full year since you last filed, and why tax season feels almost as never-ending as the NFL schedule. (Or maybe that's just me.)The only saving grace pulling you out of this miserable paper-shuffling, headache-inducing existence is a pretty shiny silver lining: deductions. And right now, it's crunch time.Some people might not think it's worth their while to save receipts and calculate their deductions -- after all, time is money.These individuals prob...