Caroline's Stories
How Bob Goldberg plans to smash NAR's 'ivory tower facade'
New leader lays out concrete initiatives for change at the NAR Leadership Summit
Aug 15
News Corp profits 'powered by' digital real estate services
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Aug 14
Easy as pizza pie: Inman hackers take on offer tracking
Rome wasn't built in a day, but this lightning-fast development is proof that tech teams can move quicker
Aug 14
Short on listings or short on value? Reframing low inventory
Compete for listings by improving the transaction for homesellers
Aug 10
New digital invites for real estate launch at Inman Connect
Offering blends digital, branded invitations with advanced RSVP-tracking for real estate professionals
Aug 9
Robots vs. agents: Surviving an automated future
When agents stop pushing papers and start serving clients
Aug 9
3 little-known Google tools to boost your conversions
How to target the right audience with the right message at the right time
Aug 8
How to guide out-of-control agents back to productivity
Reining in the Hot Mess, the Know-It-All and the Diva
Aug 7