How a 4-woman team is enjoying its old-to-new transition

Here's a tale of an all-female team that recently moved to an indie brokerage
Published on Mar 11, 2016 | Updated on May 26, 2016
  • There is not enough diversity - gender or ethnicity - in the upper management of real estate firms.
  • At Compass, agents are treated like clients and can buy a suite of services for their business.
  • High producing agents need more support and training - so they can double their output.

Put Peggy Murdock Ferris, Molly Peter, Judi Levin and Meredith Margolis in a tastefully decorated broadcasting studio together, let them loose on an industry topic of their choosing, and the result is like the real estate version of "The View."Known as the FPL&M team, the agents are vocal, opinionated and excited to have a seat at the Washington, D.C. table of Compass -- the fast-growing tech-led real estate company they moved to from Long & Foster late last year. When an all-women team was unusual Ferris said three out of four of the partners have been together for 20 years --  Levin, Peter and herself teamed up at Weichert."When we first went out together in 1996, a lot of people said: 'Oh, three women -- they'll never make it,'" said the sixth-generation Washingtonian.But evidently, they have. They were joined by another partner, Margolis, seven years ago, and an associate, Rochelle Ruffin, three years ago.In the last three years, they have done $187 mill...