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Listing agent ‘all smiles’ in Chile

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I didn't honk, because I didn't want to spook the horse SANTIAGO, Chile–In Chile, real estate commissions are split 50/50 between the buyer and seller – two percent on each side. There is no MLS, so the seller does not realize universal exposure and, therefore, the listing agent captures both sides and earns 4 percent. Lawyers are used on both sides of the transaction and a transfer fee, dubbed a registration charge, is levied on most property sales. Condos are popular, dues are minimal, property taxes are low and real estate is hot, in both Santiago, which is like Los Angeles, the South, which is like Lake Tahoe, Washington and Oregon and on the beaches, which are like the California coast. But, this is South America. Yesterday, while traveling south onto Highway 5, the entrance ramp was slowed down as a huaso on a horse with his dog trailing behind was in full gallop in front of me. We both made it safely onto the road. – Bradley Inman What is the trade-in-v...