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Discounters: Stay away from my leads!

Defending Your Commission Part 2: The 'Menu of Services' approach

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Part two in a five-part series. See parts 1, 3, 4 and 5. There are numerous strategies for coping with discount brokers. One of the most effective is the "Menu of Services" approach. This strategy can be adapted to fit the needs of both individual agents, as well as for companies. The first step is to begin by doing competitor reconnaissance. What services does the discounter offer? What services does your company offer that the discounter does not? Does the discounter offer services you do not offer? Begin by identifying similarities and differences. If the discounter if offering services you do not provide, your highest priority will be to begin offering those services immediately. The second step is to draw up a "Menu of Services" that the discounter does not provide. Some items to include: 1. 800 Call Capture Technology or Call Coordinator System. Whether you use an 800 number or have someone specifically trained to capture phone numbers, this is one of the best strategies ...