FrameSaver to the doorjamb rescue

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Wood and water do not typically make for a good combination, and one place that's particularly evident is around exterior doors. The bottom of the exterior doorjambs, which often sit directly on top of concrete patios or wood decks, are subject to extremes of moisture and insect damage. As a result, it's not long before these vulnerable areas can really begin showing damage, and the more rain-, snow- or moisture-laden the climate, the worse the problem can be. As with so many other things in the construction field, once a need has been identified, someone comes along with a solution. Such is the case with FrameSaver, a relatively new exterior doorframe that will work with virtually any type of door. Instead of the traditional all-wood jamb legs found on most exterior doorframes, FrameSaver replaces the lower section of the legs with TimberTech, an engineered wood product made from sawdust and plastic. The TimberTech portion of the frame is much more resistant to moisture damage, inse...