Sheetrock makeover cures cracked plaster

Burlap fabric not advised for aging walls

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Q: My walls and ceiling were plastered and at some point covered with wallpaper. Then they were painted over several times. Now, hairline and bigger cracks are appearing. I have to refinish these walls and ceilings soon, but I am loath to paint them again. I also don't think I have the stomach to face the mess resulting from removing the wallpaper and plaster and replacing it with Sheetrock. Instead, I thought of covering them with burlap fabric, leaving it for a while to adhere and then painting the surfaces, resulting in a textured finish. I thought that this would solve the problem of cracks reappearing. What do you think of this unorthodox solution? A: We think you'll have walls and ceilings that look like painted burlap. And although the burlap would certainly keep the cracks at bay, it's a look we doubt we'd be happy with. It would be difficult to apply the paint uniformly to the burlap – some of the small holes in the fabric would plug and others wouldn't. It's lik...