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Driving without real estate license not smart

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Dear Real Estate Ethicist, Last month, I got arrested for driving under the influence and this month my real estate license lapses. I am worried that I cannot renew my real estate license because of the drunk-driving charge, so I am going to just let it lapse and keep practicing real estate. Who will know, right? –Driving without a real estate license Dear Driving, I am an ethicist not a therapist, man. But I will cut you some slack. Sounds like your life is getting pretty complicated and you have some wreckage to clean up. Slow down and take one step at a time. First, are you still driving drunk? Start by cleaning up that problem; remember, the next time, it can land you in jail. Then, take the time to check with your state real estate department about the consequences of a DUI on renewing your license before you begin practicing real estate without one. Doing otherwise is downright stupid. Like not paying taxes, it will come back to haunt you before you know it. Then, st...