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Homeowner panics over sliding hillside

High cost of slipping house poses ethical dilemma

Dear Real Estate Ethicist, The hill below my house is slipping. My brother is an engineer, and he confirmed it could be a problem for my neighbor in the future. I have no money to fix it: $75,000, can you believe it? I am tempted to sell the house and wipe my hands clean of this problem. –Hillslide hysterical Dear Hysterical, You need a lawyer not an ethicist. However, do remember: what you hide today may haunt you tomorrow. Also, remember Richard Nixon's lesson: the cover-up is often worse than the crime. –Real Estate Ethicist Got a question for the Ethicist? Send it to *** Send a Letter to the Editor for publication.Send a comment or news tip to our newsroom. Please include the headline of the story....