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Advice for the Rookie Realtor

'Buyers are liars' an 'excuse for incompetence'

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Dear Rookie, I have followed the saga of the Rookie for several weeks with no pleasure. He/she represents one of many failings of the entire industry, starting with the typical abysmal lack of in-depth training and the rotten-to-the-core clichés that said Rookie will encounter and mistaken for the truth. In one of the responses to the Rookie, some know-it-all said, "You have to list to last." Garbage. The truth: you have to find what fits you, and stick to it. I started my own company in 1985 and we were the first in the Northwest to successfully focus on representing buyers. Our average income was several times that of the average agents in the area, and yet less than 15 percent of our business came from listings. My agents were doing what they enjoyed and believed in. Some of them were more idealistic than realistic and eventually had to admit that they lacked the follow-through essential to making it in a business where you have to boss yourself for the most part, but quite...