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Rookie Realtor says no ethics in real estate

Breaking the Realtor code

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I wonder whether some of my fellow Realtors realize how often they break (or at least bend) the very Code of Ethics they're obligated to uphold and protect as a member of the National Association of Realtors? More important, I wonder whether buyers and sellers know how often some agents break those rules? If you are a Realtor, when was the last time you read NAR's Code of Ethics?Click here. I realize I obtained my license only last fall. I'm still trying to close my first deal, and I readily admit most agents know a lot more about the nuts and bolts of the real estate business than I do. But before every Realtor with a keyboard fires off a note suggesting I don't have the experience to comment on ethical issues, I'd like to suggest this might be the only area where I am more qualified than my veteran colleagues to make some observations. NAR officials and the association's own Web site boast that a key difference between a Realtor and a run-of-the-mill agent is that "the term Re...