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Real estate Web sites lost at sea

New book explores basics of real estate technology

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Real estate companies and agents have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on Web sites no one visits, according to the authors of "Real Estate Technology Guide," a new book that outlines how to make the best use of present technology and plan for what's next. The book's overall message is that a little technology understanding can go a long way in maximizing return on investment on such things as Web sites, e-mail marketing and office hardware. The book provides readers with more than 50 links to online resource materials designed to keep content current. The limiting factor of new technologies for real estate practitioners often is learning to use them and put them to work in the best way possible for the business, authors Saul Klein, John Reilly and Mike Barnett wrote. Klein is president of InternetCrusade, a technology provider and online community for the real estate industry. Klein is a licensed real estate agent, industry speaker and consultant and has authored several rea...