How do I repair a broken ceramic tile?

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Ceramic tile is typically one of the most durable and maintenance-free materials that you're likely to have in your home. Occasionally, however, a tile cracks through impact or needs to be removed to repair some plumbing, and knowing the correct procedures will help allow you to make a clean, invisible repair. REMOVING THE OLD TILE The first step is to carefully remove the old tile, making certain that you don't disturb the surrounding tiles in the process. You'll want to wear gloves and eye protection during this process, and, if you're working in a bathtub or shower area, you'll also want to use an old blanket or a piece of carpet padding to protect the tub from scratches. First, you need to remove the old grout around the tile, exposing the edges. Most tile stores sell grout saws, an inexpensive tool with a wooden or plastic handle and a tip covered with carbide grit. Simply rub the saw back and forth along the grout lines to scrape out the old grout. You can also use an old scre...