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Real estate maven makes name in the Big Apple

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It's Thursday afternoon in New York City and Esther Muller is riding in a taxi, talking on a cell phone and giving directions to the driver.   "It's the one with the green awning," she tells him.   She somehow carries on two conversations seamlessly and simultaneously with both the cab driver and a reporter in California. This is multi-tasking, the Esther Muller way. She darts into a room at her destination to try to find a quiet place where she can talk undisturbed.   "Now I have to hide so that no one knows I'm here," she says.   The ruse doesn't work. She is spotted, and she can't dodge the greetings.   "Hi, darling, good to see you," she says. "I thought I was hiding -- I was found."   For Muller, there are always things to do, people to see.   "A day in the life of Esther Muller," she quips.   Muller has seen all sides of the New York real estate scene.   "Being in this town for 25 years as a sales agent, broker, owner, developer and a...