Vegetables, lead paint don’t mix

Peeling garage wall should be re-sided to avoid soil contamination

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Q: I have some space behind my garage where I could raise some vegetables, but I was advised not to do this because the garage has crumbling lead paint on it. My yardman, who is a shipyard painter in his regular job, has told me that he can remove the paint. Would it be unethical to let him do this? I would like to ask him some pertinent questions about his methods, but his English is limited, and I don't think he would understand me. He is a very capable person, but I don't want him to do anything that would endanger his health. Thank you for any help. A: Lead abatement has been subject to stringent laws for many years throughout the country. In California, removal of lead paint requires a state license requiring the contractor to demonstrate specific knowledge and to take specific precautions in removing and disposing of lead paint. For more information you can do a general Internet search using the key words "lead abatement" and "California" with your favorite search engine. Als...