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Assumptions make the fool

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Re: 'Real estate agent disciplined for steering gay couple' (May 3) Dear Rookie: If there's no steering, there's no problem. Telling clients they'd be happier in a certain area puts the rookie in the position of foolishly making a multitude of assumptions. Had he just said something like "I've been told this district has a number of gay households," he could then have let his clients decide what they want, rather than assuming that he knew what they wanted. He made assumptions until told otherwise...foolish indeed. Jay G. Dear Rookie: We should all just go back to being 100 percent straight. Then there wouldn't be an issue. Government wants us all to be a certain way, including smoke-free, alcohol-free, (use) birth control so we don't have too many kids, and the lists go on. You will find (with a little research) that if you are not all of the above, your quality of health care is in jeopardy. Got tips, ideas or advice for the Rookie Realtor? Send them to Rookie@inma...