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Advice for the Rookie Realtor

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Re: 'Rookie Realtor spouse speaks out' (May 10) Dear Rookie: The real estate industry would like you to believe that if you step in some cow plop that you are really walking in tall clover. There is little reality left in realty. In short, it is mostly hype and little or no beef. There is no incentive for the national associations, state associations and licensing authorities, local associations, real estate training companies or brokers to limit the size of the agent population. The National Association of Realtors touts having reached 1 million agent members. What they do not tout is that the average licensee in my location and most probably in other locations makes only about $12K per year. Brokers will not share with you that most if not all of that money is spent on agent expenses. That is why the great majority of agents who enter this business remain in the business for only a short period of time. My advice to you is only live once so live for the things that are ...