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NAR political power

Realtors carry more weight in D.C.

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There is power in numbers, or so the saying goes. And at the National Association of Realtors midyear conference in Washington, D.C., last week, there were constant reminders of the massive political might wielded on behalf of the more than 1 million Realtors across the country. On the lofty ascent from the Metro station's escalator toward the conference hotel, Realtors were greeted by rows of banner advertisements proclaiming the power of 1 million. Several booths at the conference and trade show were dedicated to the association's own programs, events and innovations. The sheer volume of the association's promotional and informational pamphlets, flyers, booklets, guides, directories, magazines, agendas and other assorted paper products could bust the seams on many carry-on bags. This annual midyear conference, which features a concentrated barrage of lobbying visits with members of Congress and their representatives at Capitol Hill, centers on the activities of the association's ...