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Advice for the Rookie Realtor

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Re: 'Hope for Rookie Realtor' (May 17) Dear Rookie: I am a rookie myself. I passed my test and got my license in November. I am closing on my second house Tuesday, and I have one other potential client to buy after that. My reason for e-mailing is to say that I can relate to "common courtesy" issues with other Realtors. Not only do they not know the right directions to their own listings but some are rude and disrespectful when you call to show their listing. Getting in touch with some of these people is like trying to pull teeth. I can't seem to understand how some of these people make any money. I kid you not, I had one client tell me that she had an agent who came to pick her up to go look at houses and asked if he could drive her car. I can not believe the audicity of some of these people. I have even e-mailed other agents asking for advice; needless to say, I haven't received much help outside my office. I wish you luck in this business, it's a doggy-dog world! K.C. VerdanzaRe...